Crissy Leaves Message About “Betrayal” – See Post

Juliann “Crissy” Carter left a message on Instagram yesterday about her life experiences. The note was attached to three photos showing her standing with her daughters and did not include her husband, Cushane Carter.

Crissy and her four girls wore black dresses as they stood outside with bright smiles, displaying a happy family. While the first photo was only of them standing close to each other, the second showed them holding hands as Crissy held her youngest daughter in her arms, and the third was a picture of her three eldest daughters hugging.

In the caption, she wrote, “Life is very interesting in the end. Some of my greatest pains become my greatest Strength (MY GIRLS) @jinquinnkyra @babyoliviaemily.”

In the second half of her message, she was seemingly talking about her husband betraying her, saying, “~ Each Pain Makes Me Strong… Each Betrayal More Intelligent. Every DISAPPOINTMENT More Skillful And Each EXPERIENCE MORE WISER 🖤 And Oh Prayer WORKS!!!!”

The post has garnered over 61,285 likes and many encouraging comments from supporters since being shared 24 hours ago. One IG user wrote, “I cried for u girls but girl nu lef your husband..I know this feelings crissy. Hold it and pray.” Another wrote, “All the females saying give another chance ARE APART OF THE PROBLEM.”

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The picture follows a video she did a day ago of her daughters and her mother visiting. Crissy and Cushane are said to be taking marriage counselling as they try to move forward after his affair with Shani blew up on the internet.

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