WATCH: Crissy Says “Nobody nuh happy like me right now” in New Video

The Carter family seems to be returning to the Internet with more vlogging content, which might not include Cushane ‘CMR’ Carter. Despite being briefly mentioned by the kids, CMR was not visible in a new video posted to their YouTube channel.

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The vlog was created by Crissy, who expressed her happiness to have her mother visiting and shared that the children were unaware of the visit. 

“Nobody nuh happy like me right now…I am double excited; the kids have no idea that am gonna pick her up, they kinda have an idea that she is coming, but they don’t know what day,” Crissy explained from the front passenger seat while another female drove.

As the video continued, they went to the airport for her mother and returned home, where Crissy went through all the goodies her mom brought from Jamaica.

When the kids came home, they ran to their grandmother with glee and hugged her. Crissy asked one of her daughters if she was aware of the visit, and the response her daughter gave was, “Daddy told us.”

At the same time, the youngest daughter, Olivia, ran off in the direction of the opened door calling, “Daddy.” One of her sisters also went to the door and carried Olivia back shortly after, but she was fussing and went back to the door that was closed.

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Despite Crissy telling her to leave the door, Olivia opened it and called her father again. The video concluded sometime after that, with Chrissy promising her fans more content.

Watch the video of Crissy and her family below:

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