“I don’t wanna lose my wife,” CMR Speaks About How Things Have Been Since The Affair Scandal – Watch Interview

Cushane Carter, professionally known as CMR, sat down with a friend to share how the scandalous affair has affected his family. The interview was published on The Carter Family’s YouTube channel over hours ago, showing a very low-spirited CMR. 

“I’ve been doing some thinking these last few days, and I realised that I took my whole family for granted,” he said, adding that he is fully aware of the pain his wife suffered because of him. “I also learned how important family is to me.”


He apologised to his parents, Wally British, Shani, and the public for disappointing them. CMR admitted that he was wrong for attempting to play the whole thing off as a prank, saying that his only thought was saving his family, and he panicked.

“The only thing that was in the back of my head was just to save my family; I don’t wanna lose my wife and my kids,” he explained.

CMR, who expressed that his apology letter was written from his heart to show his wife and everyone else his sincerity, opened up about the current state of his marriage. CMR explained that marriage counselling was something he insisted on and shared that he and his wife had a counselling session on the day of the interview. 

“We had counselling today…That’s one of the step that I refuse to move forward without doing because I know that…at some point we’re gonna have to face reality…I guess it’s a step in the right direction,” he stated.

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Currently, CMR is unaware if his marriage will survive or if he and Crissy will decide on co-parenting. 

Watch the interview below:

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