Crissy Says CMR Needs “Counselling,” Her Mother Throws Shade, and CMR Pleads “Don’t walk out pon mi now” in New Song – Watch Videos

While Crissy Carter and Cushane “CMR” Carter are attending marriage counselling to overcome the affair, they do not appear to be actively speaking, which seemed to be so after Crissy mentioned not knowing where her husband was during a live stream.

During the live session, Crissy took the time to answer questions from her followers. These inquiries ranged from her children to her current emotional state and Cushane.

“I think I am a strong person, and I have to be there for my kids…I have to be strong for the kids, and I have to be strong for myself because we ain’t no weak fence,” she explained. As for her husband, she said, “I don’t know where he is.”

Watch the video of Crissy below:

During that same live, Crissy and her mother were talking in the kitchen about cooking when a question about marriage from the viewers led to Crissy’s mother giving a shady response. 

“Somebody seh if yuh married yet,” Crissy told her mom, to which her mother responded, “weh husband a guh,” prompting a burst of laughter from Crissy. “Husband nah wear mi girl. Yah wear di ring and a somebody else have di man,” her mother continued.

Watch the video of Crissy and her mother below:

Additionally, Crissy spoke more about her marriage in another video, which showed her shedding tears as she drove. “Mi love mi husband completely, but I am so disappointed, and I don’t know what’s next,” she said, adding that she believes her husband needs professional help.

“He needs counselling, not marriage counselling, but he needs counselling for himself because something is not right,” she continued.

Crissy continued by saying that while she no longer sympathised with Shani, she did not blame her for anything and added that her husband is “1000% wrong wid everything weh him do.”

“It’s my decision if mi lef Cushane…Mi nuh know how it ago go wid him, as himself, but with this marriage, am not wearing my ring…That is it,” Crissy oulined.

Watch the videos of Crissy below:

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Meanwhile, Cushane is pleading with his wife to stay by his side in a new unreleased song, Don’t Walk Out, which he previewed on his TikTok page. The preview showed him sitting in a vehicle, rocking to the music, in which he was singing, “baby, don’t walk out pon mi now.”

Watch the video of CMR previewing his song below:

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