Crocodile Found and Removed From Salt River, Clarendon – Watch Videos

Footage of a crocodile inhabiting the Salt River in Clarendon is circulating as efforts to remove the reptile bore fruitful.

According to Andrea Donaldson, the Senior Manager at the Conservation and Protection, National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), the cold-blooded animal was extracted from the river and moved to a different location.

As an endangered animal species of Jamaica, crocodiles are protected by law under the Wild Life Protection Act, and anyone who is found guilty of capturing or killing the creature, can serve up to a year in prison or be fined up to $100,000 for the offence.

Prior to the crocodile’s capture, a video shows the animal in the shallows of the Salt River while observers look on. Another of the video clips shows the crocodile being dragged from the water, twisting and turning to get free, and a man puts a crocus bag over its head. The clip cuts out and returns to show the creature fully out of the water and detained.

Watch the video below:

NEPA has issued a public service announcement to warn citizens that if a crocodile is seen anywhere near human settlements, it should not be aggravated or harmed.

Although Donaldson did not disclose where the animal was relocated to, she stated, “there was a reported crocodile incident, I’m assuming, in Salt River. The Caribbean Coastal Management Foundation who manages the protected areas on behalf of the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA), collected the animal and I believe they relocated it.”

After videos of the creature were posted by the Jamaica Observer on Instagram, people commented on the treatment of the animal. Jamasian_d0ll_876_ said, “Whoa it was scared as hell 😮. It peed itself,” and gabbi_mel_ mentioned, “I have never ever trust that river 😫 fuss river me never feel safe innah suh…thanks for the update tho y’all be safe✌️.”

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