Footage of Old Man Being Bitten by Alligator Goes Viral – Watch Video

In a spine-chilling video that was posted to Twitter of a man attempting to assert his dominance over an alligator and assumingly capture it, he is quickly reminded that mankind is not always the apex predator on the food chain.

The wild animal can be identified as an alligator because of its dark tone and broad, round-shaped snout. According to, the lower teeth of an alligator are also not openly visible when the mouth is closed; alligators typically prefer fresh water and are less aggressive than crocodiles.


The video shows the elderly man throwing what appears to be a towel over the head of the deadly animal. Upon making contact with the beast, it gets riled up as its vision is blocked by the towel. It then settles down, and the man proceeds to approach it. He stands over the animal with his hand open, ready to grab it by the neck.

He positions himself, jumped onto it and then grabs the animal by the neck, but the gator was not having it.

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The gator gets aggravated and then manages to overpower the man and get him off its back; then it turns its lizard-like body and bites him. The man manages to break free from the mouth of the animal, which attempts to bite him again but fails, he then kicks at the animal to get it away from him.

The animal then takes a step back and positions itself to defend against its attacker, but the man slowly retreats back to safety. A person is then heard telling the man to leave the animal alone, as it was evident he was not able to conquer it.

Watch the video of a man being bitten by an alligator below:

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