Cult Pastor Found To Have Sexually Assaulted Man In Canada

Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 7:27 PM

The situation of Bishop Kevin Smith, the late Pastor for the Pathways International Restoration Church, only has gotten worse since his death with many people trying to uncover other secret happenings that have taken place with the alleged “cult” leader.

The most recent information on the past life of Kevin Smith was provided to the Jamaica Observer, by who they described as being a high position law enforcement source.


In this new set of details surrounding Smith, it was reported that in 2007, he was arrested and eventually convicted for sexually assaulting a 21-year-old man that landed him behind bars for 6 months in Canada.

According to the reports, the alleged cult leader was also placed on 10-year probation which he was said to have violated in the year 2017. As it relates to the violation, no details were given.

The Pastor passed away after he was involved in a collision along the Linstead Bypass after he was being brought to Kingston with his co-accused, to be charged.

He was found dead after someone in the area had reportedly heard the crash and went to investigate the scene, only to find an unresponsive Smith and an Officer. Two other members of the JCF that were on duty to transfer the Pastor, were also critically injured in the crash and are currently hospitalized in an unconscious state.

Kevin Smith along with several members of his church was arrested after the police invaded a 3-day convention they were keeping in Montego Bay which led them to find 2 persons dead, 3 injured. One man was also killed by the Police after it was reported that he attacked them.

Fast-forwarding to the crash, the Pastor’s co-accused was unharmed and later slapped with charges of one count of murder and one count of wounding with intent.

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