Curvy Diva Searching for Mr. Right

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett, recently took on a new business venture, ‘Dining with Curvy’ which she is totally involved in, as she gets ready to launch her Cookbook and make plans to launch a seasoning line and a clothing line.

In her restaurant ‘Dining with Curvy’ her patrons actually dine with her, because she walks around and greet them.


Business aside, the Diva is now on a quest to find a husband, she is so serious about hooking a man, that she has started wearing a huge diamond on her ring finger because she is putting it in the universe and she is now comfortable with the ring on her finger.

Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett

Yanique revealed to her sources that she knows exactly what she is looking for, her ideal man might have an appearance that is clichéd, but he must be tall, dark and handsome because doesn’t want all the stress to be on her to make a baby that looks good.

The entertainer believes her daughter’s father was not that good looking, but her daughter looks good. However, she is not willing to take that chance again.

The ‘Bunx Pon it’ singer wants an excellent communicator because she has a lot of ideas hence she wants a smart man. She believes support is important and loves pillow talk, loyalty and respect are also key ingredients she won’t be leaving out. He must be willing to put himself in her shoe and he must also be willing to share, as she is not rich at this moment. All her profits are going back into her businesses.

This means any potential husband must be financially stable.

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