Cutty Ranks Tells Fascinating Story about his Troubled Past, Growing Up in the Streets and his Rise in Dancehall – See Interview

Veteran musician Cutty Ranks gave fans an in-depth breakdown of his introduction to music and his experience growing up in a story-filled interview. In the revealing interview, Cutty Ranks opened up about his troubled past and admitted that he was a rude kid growing up.

The Bomber artiste explained how he got the name Cutty Ranks was due to him being a rude boy as he refused to pay extortion and his constant fights, as the deejay puts it, “Mi fight enuh.. suh mi get the name Cutty… cause soo man try get aggressive and just a butcher knife reach him.”

Cutty Ranks also opened up about his relationship with his parents, which he said was estranged. The deejay said that when he was about nine was the last time he saw his mother as a child. He eventually had to track down her when he became an adult, while the last time he saw his father was when he was ten.

The veteran artiste also spoke about growing up in an unstable household because of the constant change of address across the Island while he was still a youngster and his poor school attendance.

“You haffi have money fi go a school enuh breda you haffi hit the street again enuh, you nah live wid nuh parents me left from yard to yard, friend yard and more time me wul all a Chevrolet van inna night deh, wen night come dung we just wul a stall you understand, all downtown me used to sleep inna stall,” Cutty Ranks explained to Teach Dem.

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As he continued the interview, Cutty Ranks explained how his love for deejaying started and developed.

“The main time a when me start work inna the meat shop, weh me always a sing and a deejay and jail, wen me develop me skill a road me end up a jail couple time well and, me used to start smoke cigarette and, you know when you go jail an in deh sometime the pressure a that mek you start smoke more, so me used to deejay inna jail and clash,” Cutty Ranks revealed.

Cutty went on to talk about issues with producers and his situation with Buju.

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See the full interview below:

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