DaBaby’s Brother Kills Himself

DaBaby’s estrange older brother Glenn Johnson has done the unthinkable and now the rapper is mourning the loss of his sibling.

His brother went live earlier stating that “you know what 95% of ya’ll think i’m bullshitting.. i really don’t give a fuck, i don’t, it’s not gone hurt me to die it’s not gone hurt me to live but i’m tired of living.. i’m tired i’m done with this shit”.

In one part of his video clip posted online it’ would appear that he was trying to talk to his brother after he spoke about men having girls who think they down for them and in return neglects their family, he stated “it’s all about them.. it’s all about their life.. they gone do it when they wanna do it how they wanna do it” which related to the lifestyle of his brother.

The hurt brother stated that his life should be an example for others who changed up on their family because he/she gots famous.

One fan commented “I kinda feel like when people get famous they don’t attend to their family. They forget about family. Da baby might have looked out when he came around. But not always. And even though he is grinding. His brother probably needed his help. And in his mind he like this me doing it.” while another said “Why do I feel like he was talking to his brother??”.

Glenn Johnson who was 34 years old died from a single gunshot wound last Tuesday in Charlotte.

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Reacting to his brother’s words, DaBaby stated “My brother be thinkin’ that we don’t/ love him and let him struggle like/ we ain’t family/ Like I won’t give up all I got to see you happy.”

Most recently he posted a tweet saying “damn bro” showing that his heart is broken, he also urges people who have loved ones to remind them that they love them.

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