Dalton Harris on X Factor UK after Winning Rising Star in 2010

Dalton Harris is still the youngest Digicel Rising Star competition winner in Jamaica. He won in 2010 and the judges were very impressed by his talent. Nadine Sutherland said “he sang with a musical maturity that was above his age. However, most Jamaicans wondered what happened after that because he was not seen.

It was very surprising to see him appear on the stage at the X Factor UK 2018 competition. The crowd cheered a lot when he announced that he is a Jamaican, but somehow he was so nervous, he could not answer when they asked him who inspired him. He was able to tell them that he would be singing “Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word”. He also said “ if all the persons who hurt others would say they are sorry, there would be a lot less sad people in the world”.

When one of the judges saw that he was nervous, he told him to sing, he did very well and the judges all loved his performance and gave their approval. When they asked him why he was so emotional,, as they saw him crying. “He said “he had been on his own since he was 15, and he doesn’t see it as a sad story, because he has accepted it.

Now Jamaicans are excited again, they are celebrating and gearing up to see another big win for another Jamaican at an international talent competition. On Instagram they have a new word for what Jamaicans do, it is “Jaminate”.

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