Damion Crawford Gives Intense Speech Sparking Several Arguments – Video

Senator Damion O. Crawford, a member of the opposition, publicly criticized the current administration’s strategies and results, particularly in handling crime and the education sector. His remarks, now widely circulated in a video, highlight a series of perceived failures by the ruling government.

Critique of Jamaica’s Crime Management Strategies

In his speech that was uploaded online on March 29, Crawford expressed disillusionment with the government‘s persistent use of security measures, specifically the implementation of states of emergency across the island, which he argues have not yielded the intended results. Initially supportive of the government’s approach, Crawford’s stance has shifted due to what he sees as the ineffectiveness of these measures in curbing crime.

He accused the ruling administration of manipulating crime statistics, “numbers being fudged” a practice he claims is done to mislead the public, notably the claim was denounced in the House of Representatives by the JLP. Despite the government’s increased expenditure on combating crime and violence compared to previous administrations, Crawford argues that the outcomes have not been proportional to the investment, labelling the government’s actions in this area as “unacceptable.”

The Issue of Law Enforcement Remuneration

A significant point of concern for Crawford is the compensation for law enforcement officers. He suggests that the low wages for police personnel are a contributing factor to the rising violence across Jamaica, indicating a need for a reevaluation of how law enforcers are rewarded for their service, especially for working overtime and working during a state of emergency.

Education Sector Concerns

Shifting his critique to the education sector, Crawford highlighted a troubling trend where students are graduating without the necessary qualifications to secure decent employment, including positions within the police force. He suggests that the current education system is inadvertently preparing students for a life of crime rather than offering them a pathway to constructive and lawful careers.

A Call for Accountability

Throughout his address, Crawford emphasized the need for the government to be held accountable for its policies and their outcomes. By pointing out the deficiencies in the current approaches to crime and education, he calls for a reevaluation of strategies to ensure they truly benefit the Jamaican populace.

Watch the video that is now making rounds online below:

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