Dancehall Artiste Casts Out Daughter For Not Calling Him “Dad”

The father-daughter bond that most men desire is said to be nonexistent for a dancehall deejay and his daughter. An entertainer, who made his return to the dancehall industry last year, has fallen out with his 19-year-old daughter over her inability to acknowledge him as “Dad” due to their distant relationship. According to a source, the deejay, who is currently overseas, did not have a close relationship with his daughter when she was younger.

The source told YardHype that while the girl was growing up, the deejay had to be coerced into helping to finance her education. The girl reportedly became familiar with her father at 12 years old. Now that she is attending the University of the West Indies (UWI), she and her father agreed that she would occasionally stay at his home because it was more convenient for her to attend night classes.

However, things went downhill when the deejay felt she was disrespectful and ordered her to leave his property after she refrained from calling him “Dad” a few days ago.

In voice messages sent to her father, the teen thanked him for the funds he left for her and told him that she had arrived at the house. The dancehall deejay was displeased by her failure to address him as “Dad,” and he pointed this out. The teen then responded, explaining why she felt more comfortable addressing him as “Sir” given the type of relationship they shared and told him it would “take alot of time” for that to change.

“It would seem as if am forcing myself to please someone or to say it, thus why I don’t say it,” she said in her message. “Am not use to saying it from a younger age so it’s really not in me to say such same with my mom, however, to be respectful I will say Sir,” she continued.

At that point, her father told her that he no longer wanted her at his house because she did not “have manners”. He subsequently told her to collect the money and go home. In the following messages, the 19-year-old tried to establish that she was only explaining why she could not address him as “dad” and also thanked him for the money, which she said was “greatly appreciated.”

“I don’t want no f**king appreciation from you. I’m telling you, I don’t want no appreciation from you until you know how fi have manners. Yuh tek di money, gwan bout yuh business and mi not even a set up nuh f**king room fi yuh,” he replied in a voice message. “Yuh nuh have no manners, dats why yuh nah go have f**king shit.”

The conversation reportedly crushed the teen as she would not be able to go to her night classes since there was no transportation available in her area. The teenage girl, who is said to have had little support from her father growing up, had reportedly cried after he had belittled her and cast her out.

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