Dancehall Artiste Kraff Talks About Car Accident, Mali Don and More in Exclusive Interview – Watch Video

Friday, December 16, 2022, 7:58 PM GMT-5

In a recent sit down with The Fix, up-and-coming dancehall artiste Kraff speaks about his recent life-threatening car accident, his relationship with Mali Don, reason for removing his diss tracks and more in an interview.

“Certain tings yuh nuh plan fi it, and it just happen,” he said when addressing the accident. Occurring just moments after his birthday on December 11, Kraff was in motor vehicle accident where he sustained multiple injuries that left his hand in a cast and a neck brace in place. According to him, he was heading from a show in Trelawny to perform at another booked event in Montego Bay when the accident happened.

The cause of the crash was because of accumulated exhaustion and a lack of awareness. “I hit the partition…the car flicked in the air…only thing me a see a just darkness… The car land facing up, when the car land I was still conscious.” He explained that he was confused during the accident and still thought he was driving when the car had already crashed and flipped over. After he was taken to the hospital, he was told what happened because he could not recall the events that led to the crash.

He also mentioned that he was doused from head to toe in gasoline, so “if like one spark did spark, a just it dat fi mi.” The Hot Docs entertainer warned others to be careful on the road and to abide by the set speed limits “cuh yuh might not as lucky as me one a e time.”

Kraff Hospitalised After Car Accident – Watch Videos

Touching on the issue with Mali Don, “yuh know say mi never did a pree too serious, and me still nah pree too serious,” he said. He even mentioned that he was not invited to perform at Sting under any agreement to clash with Mali Don or any other artiste but that he was not averse to clashes.

When asked about where the tension came from between him and the other artiste, Kraff used the analogy of being suspended from school without an explanation to describe it, saying, “that’s how confused I am right now. Cuz like, mi nuh know a weh dis start from.”

Deciding to remove himself from the situation entirely, Kraff had dropped a diss track which he later removed with the reason of “wah me agguh gain? cyah gain nuhtn.”

Watch the full interview below:

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