Kraff Hospitalised After Car Accident – Watch Videos

Sunday, December 11, 2022, 5:52 PM GMT-5

Rising dancehall artiste Kraff was hospitalised after being involved in a motor vehicle accident last night. The deejay was taken out of the wrecked vehicle by onlookers at the scene. Reports say that the entertainer suffered several injuries, but the extent of his wounds has not been confirmed. 

A circulating video depicts the severity of the collision, showing Kraff’s wrecked vehicle lying upside down in a ditch. Persons were seen crowding the flipped car, forcing the door open, and carrying him away.

Additional content shows the SleepWalker singer lying in a hospital bed with a cervical collar. There is growing concern about the deejay’s health, but no information has been officially released about the collision or his condition.

Kraff, who would have been celebrating his birthday today, spoke about the accident while he was being recorded in the hospital. In the short clip, he recalled bracing his hand on the roof when the car was flipping.

“A dah lef hand yah save mi, dawg…when di car a flip, bredda…mi put mi hand up inna di ceiling and brace mi hand,” he explained, adding that his hand was now hurting. However, he seemed to be in good spirits, talking and laughing with his guest.

On Instagram, Kaboom Magazine sent the artiste birthday wishes and wished him a speedy recovery.

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