Dancehall rising star Tenae manifests ‘Rich Forever’ lifestyle

Wednesday, November 9, 2022, 10:11 AM GMT-5

Westmoreland-born recording artiste Tenae is manifesting richness into his life. With the dancehall community rallying for more creativity in the music for it to secure its space in the global market, the artiste is preparing to cross over into other markets with ‘Rich Forever’. The song has a hard-hitting, to-the-point message of positivity recorded on a captivating rhythm which does not overpower the young entertainer’s unique voice.

Produced by Templeboss Records, ‘Rich Forever’ is expected to be a showstopping single for Tenae that shows that his music has longevity in the market. In the song, he expresses that the aim is not only to have or make money but to have investments that will make a person forever. Tenae is known for singles ‘Fraud’‘Rave’ and ‘Gyal Criminal’ also produced by the illustrious record label, among others.

Tenae shares, “Growing up I’ve been around people who makes a lot of money but they didn’t put it to use. I believe that everybody wants to be rich forever and saw a need to uplift the youths of the future and show them the goals of gaining richness in their lives.”

He adds that, “I sing about life on a whole and the entire world needs money, love, and sex whether persons may like it or not, so, that’s my reason for paying attention to those topics mostly. My flow demands the people to listen to an entire song. I’m a vocalist and when I’m performing I try to keep it calm so the audience can hear every word of the lyrics I vocalise.”

The artiste foresees that the song will be a positive import into the scene of dancehall music and also that it will do wonders for him and the production team at Templeboss Records, to which he is signed. From the studios to the streets, Tenae does not disappoint with ‘Rich Forever’. Considered the next rising star out of the western region of Jamaica, which has been home to several veterans including Peter Tosh and Yellowman, he draws his inspiration from the pioneers and more recently from hitmakers like Popcaan and Rygin King. He also takes inspiration from international stars such as hip-hop, rap sensation Rod Wave. 

“Those artistes definitely influenced me the most as local entertainers, they never failed to deliver good music…both in the studio or on stage,” asserts Tenae, who though wears a hardcore personality is very jovial in character and as a person, walks with humility in hand and is somewhat quiet. 

“I grew up in a very humble household but the communities where I was raised, that is in Lucea, Hanover, has mostly hustlers, so it’s always been about getting the paper. Now, I put all the lifestyle in music,” Tenae continued. 

Tenae’s personal and professional path is geared towards international success and ‘Rich Forever’ released back on August 7, 2022 is expected to be one of the singles to pivot his career and brand into that direction. The single is available on all digital streaming platforms.

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