Dancing Rebel Clears Air About Viral Fight – Watch Video

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the altercation between a prominent dancer, Dancing Rebel, and a male patron at the renowned Sandz Caribbean Music Festival that has since become viral. Sandz Music Festival took place on New Year’s Day.

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In an attempt to clear up the matter, the female dancer took to her Instagram account to respond to the misconceptions.

“Wasnt going to address this whole thing because social media is just social media. Firstly I wasn’t fighting! Please note there was already an altercation happening I bought a pack of cigarettes for my friend and was taking it to her cabana when me a pass the two male blocked me off thats when I started to argue. Polly and myself was pushed to the left side cause the guys weh dem inna things wid start throw table and whatever. When we stand up me see security a pass with the yute blood up! Unoo don`t tell no lie pa me!” the dancer captioned in a post.

Video footage of the incident circulating on social media appears to show Rebel and a male partygoer engaged in an intense disagreement, with other patrons attempting to separate them. As Rebel confronts the man, the scene quickly turns violent, with people fighting and arming themselves with chairs and tables.

Upon seeing patrons throwing objects, Aidonia’s performance suddenly ends as the deejay tries to calm the crowd, only to become infuriated by their behavior. The police soon intervene, surrounding the male patron with whom Rebel was at odds, whose head was dripping with blood by that time, but there is no sign of the dancer in the rest of the video.

In the same post on her Instagram account as a means to further clarify the matter, the dancer commented, “I am not rude to people And me nu Fraid fi seh sorry or excuse me when me inna crowd, me never gaa road and fight yet never a affi smadi a provoke me!”

She continued on another slide stating, “And I don’t want unoo inna me Dm a boost bout bad gyal either! Cause negativity alone unoo give attention 50k views Inna me story because unoo waa see if me ago answer Mek a did small business promo me a do I don’t see so much a unoo!”

See the post below:

Screenshot 20230103 095039 Instagram
Screenshot 20230103 095057 Instagram
Screenshot 20230103 095110 Instagram
Screenshot 20230103 095133 Instagram

Take a look at a video she posted when some jostling started the initial fight that she captioned “Wow I thought I Started the fight Me tell Yuh seh God real aright!”

Screenshot 20230103 095309 Instagram

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