D’Angel Almost “Kick Off a Gyal Face” After She Slapped Her Butt

While addressing the Dancehall community’s current number one “problem,” females dancing with other women at parties, Dancehall artiste and entrepreneur Razor B shared that D’Angel nearly fought a woman who had slapped her on the butt.

Razor B addressed the topic during a brief video on social media, as, according to the Bruk Fi Mi Bak deejay, the issue was being discussed by multiple people, but no one wished to speak on it publicly. Noting that some people were turning a blind eye, Razor B declared that he would be the messenger despite any possible pushback.

Delivering the “word on the street,” Razor B said that women were now daggering other women in Dancehall, and such a thing was unacceptable as it was not a part of the Jamaican culture. According to Razor B, it is now people’s view that women are the problem, and that “dem nowadays gyal ya…mashing up dancehall.”

In response to Razor B’s statements, D’Angel proclaimed that she would always choose men.

“Mi a pick eh man right chuuuu ready fi whine a man now now,” the Gud Gyal singer stated.

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Razor B went on to recount an incident in St. Mary, during which one female fan got far too friendly and slapped D’Angel on the butt, resulting in the artiste nearly kicking off the woman’s face.

Further clarifying her stance on the issue, D’Angel wrote, “Nuh day str8888 man to mi body cuz.”

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