Daryl Vaz and Ann-Marie Vaz’s Raunchy Dance on Stage in Portland Sparks Mix Reactions – Video

A new video of parliamentarians Daryl Vaz and Ann-Marie Vaz has sparked a mixture of positive and negative responses online.

The video shows the Member of Parliament for Western Portland, Vaz, dancing behind his wife, Ann-Marie, while on stage during a live performance

In the video, the crowd erupts as Member of Parliament for Eastern Portland, Ann-Marie, whines and bends over on Vaz, who is also the Minister of Science, Energy, Telecommunications, and Transport.

The risqué dance moves ignite cheerful reactions from the audience, and the video concludes shortly after they finish dancing.

Watch the video of Daryl Vaz and Ann-Marie below:

After the video was posted on Instagram on Sunday, many viewers were not pleased with the way the married couple were dancing on stage. While some viewers expressed in the comments that Jamaican secular music is condemned by politicians when they are not using it to promote their campaigns.

IG user dr.morris876 said, “Kmt me hate politics enoh! And after election dem skin up dem nose pan music!!!!!”

IG user crazysexcikool wrote, “The only time dancehall is convenient…smh.”

Among the positive comments, one stated, “Whine pon yuh husband goodie.”

Read more of the comments below:

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