Day 4 of the Vybz Kartel Murder Trial

[Sharingbuttons]The 4th day in the Court of Appeal was the day for the lawyers representing Kahira Jones and Andre St. John to speak. Robert Fletcher, who is Kahira Jones’ Attorney stated that the judge failed to apply in sentencing the men. He believes a social inquiry report would have helped to give more information about the accused men.

When it was Mr. Senior Smith’s turn to represent his client Andre St. John, he said Justice Campbell failed adequately and fairly use the evidence that was put forward to the jurors. He said his client had no weapon before the killing took place. He also mentioned the unsworn statement that was made by Vybz Kartel in court was not given enough attention. He even repeated Kartel’s statement when he said ” I did not kill Clive Williams nor did I send anyone to kill him.

The attorney thinks enough attention is not being paid to a conspiracy theory, as it is possible for the police to frame the accused men.

The case continues today in the Court of Appeal where the fate of the 4 accused men will be decided. The fact that the body of the deceased has not been found, has made the case very technical. These two men were charged when Vybz Kartel and Shawn Campbell were also charged for murder.

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