Day 8: Woman Placed in Jamaica Quarantine Gives Positive Updates

Friday, March 6, 2020, 11:19 AM

Joanne Adams has been in quarantine after she took her dream trip to Italy recently, She has been quarantined locally now for 8 days and is expected to be quarantined for the next 6 days, 14days in total.

After Miss Adams returned to Jamaica last week, she found out that Italy was one of the country’s that was on the list that Jamaica had placed on high alert because of fears of the coronavirus.


She reported earlier that life being quarantine is not easy and also raised a few health concerns, now she is on a happier and positive note after she herself accepted the situation and the workers improved their attitude towards her.

She even got a spinner, to continue what she loves to do, while in quarantine she also got KFC and a few more goodies.

She is glad that the Government is doing all they can to prevent COVID 19 from spreading on the island.

See her different updates below.

DAY 1. (The first day being quarantined)

DAY 2.

No content for day for 3,4 and 5.

DAY 6.

Miss Adams has posted positive quotes online since but no video nor photo updates since day 6.

She is expected to be out next week, mid-March.

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