Day Two of Vybz Kartel’s Appeal

[Sharingbuttons]The hearing began with the lawyer asking the jury not to allow the case to be retried as there would be a miscarriage of justice as the evidence that was used to convict the Kartel and his co accused was tainted and using the same evidence to do a retrial will just give the prosecutors more time to try to fix a problem that is already too messed up.

The lawyers have accused the judge of telling stories about how dangerous the accused men were, they say these stories were made up by him, “those are not soft guys, these are men who lock guns” this was a statement used by the judge at the time, when he spoke to the jurors before they went to decide on the verdict, the lawyer explained.


The DPP has said she puts up the best evidence that is available, but the lawyers are saying the evidence was not good enough and the judge moved with undue haste and this caused the jurors to render the wrong verdict in the 2014 trial


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