Day5: Prosecution says evidence was not tampered with in Kartel’s Murder Case

[Sharingbuttons]The retired High Court judge Justice Lennox Campbell has been criticized by the high profile attorneys who have represented the 4 men, Adijah Palmer known as Vybz Kartel , Shawn Campbell, Andre St. John, Kashira Jones who were convicted of murder in 2014.

The fact that the judge had given permission for the digital evidence to be used during the trial has become one of the reasons that the lawyers give when they say the case should be thrown out and their clients should be set free.


However, Orett Brown the Assistant Director of Public Prosecution has a different point of view about the evidence, he says the digital evidence was not tampered with, The evidence was recorded at a certain time and that cannot be changed so there is only one thing the prosecution could do, and that was to make the jurors decide if they wanted to use the evidence or not.

We await the continuation of this controversial trial in the Court of Appeal next week.


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