Dead Husband’s Best Friend Wants the WORK!

A 50-year-old widow has found herself in a conflicting situation with her husband’s best friend. Her husband of many years, died some four years ago, leaving her debt-free and comfortable. The couple’s children are grown and living in the USA. Not dependent on anyone for financial help, she reports having feelings of loneliness, and finds that she needs more than calls from her friends and a weekly overnight visit from her sister.

The widow’s new love interest is ten years her seniour, and is considered to be a decent man.  He appears to have virtuous intentions, including marriage and a life in the church. The admirer recently indicated to the widow, that he is unable to get thoughts of her out of his mind. She was shocked by his expression of interest. Both of them claim to have much respect for each other.

The lady reports that she has been cooking and providing dinner for the man in question for some time. She was quick to mention that it was always only a case of picking up the dinner, never visiting the home to eat. He is also said to be ready and able to render services around the house as needed.

Having had more direct and immediate passes made at her after her husband passed, the widow has expressed that she has begun to grow fond of this man.  She found his approach to be welcome and that he was not in the least out of order with her. She is however, hesitant to pursue a relationship with her deceased husband’s best friend. Her children have no objection to her pursuing a relationship with this man and in fact are supportive about the possibility.

The lady has one big reservation about the man ending up acquiring her matrimonial home in the event that she dies before he does.

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