Dead Patient Gets Robbed By Caregiver

A woman from the corporate area has been given a suspended sentence in the Kingston and St. Andrew Parish court after she made a guilty plea in relation to a charge of simple larceny she received because of stealing some money from someone who she was working for upon the person passing away.

The woman has been identified as Dawn Hines and as for her employment, she had the responsibility of a caregiver for the man she is accused of stealing from.

According to the report given by the Jamaica Star which initially covered the story, the complainant who is the daughter of the deceased man employed Hinds as a caregiver on the 14th of February after her father had been for three months suffering from an ailment.

It is understood that the complainant’s father eventually passed away on the 20th of March, however, the caregiver was still made to continue work and it is said that at about 9 p.m. the deceased man’s wallet was checked and an amount of US$350 along with local currency was found, tucked in a corner of it and placed behind the television.

It is then reported that upon Hinds returning and cleaning the father’s room whilst being alone between the times of 10:20 a.m and 4 p.m, she took up the wallet, exited the room and returned which was seen on CCTV, after the wallet was searched by the man’s son, only a dollar was found.

Due to what happened the judge presiding over the case, threw out an argument to Hinds letting her know that it seemed as if she was just waiting for the man to die in order to steal the money. In consequence of her action the woman was ordered to pay back the stolen amount in court which she did but also told to pay an extra $50 which she stated to the court that she did not have. Luckily for Hinds, her daughter accompanied her to the court session and was able to help her with an additional $10,000.

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