Death Experience Being Offered To Willing Participants

For a very long time, mankind has questioned what human beings go through after death, but it seems one Australian artiste may be able to somewhat bridge the gap between life and death. In a post to Twitter, it was revealed that an artiste by the name of Shaun Gladwell has developed a way to give people the choice to experience death while they are still very much alive.

According to Wales Online, Gladwell asks candidates to recline flatly on a vibrating blue bed in a facility that resembles a hospital. Additionally, these candidates are then outfitted with virtual reality headsets to make the experience as realistic as possible.


Also, they are connected to a heart rate monitor and told to raise their hand if it proves to be more than they can handle so that members of staff on standby can disconnect them.

Conversely, the process is reported to also include doctors attempting to revive you as you experience a simulated de-escalation of life through cardiac arrest to brain death. Gladwell describes the occurrence as a feeling of departing from your body and entering into the vast universe.

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Social media users have questioned the legitimacy of Gladwell’s invention and have even questioned why someone would even want to experience such a thing as death before it really comes. On Instagram, a user commented on the post, saying, “That’s not experiencing death. People need to quit trying to play God,” with another stating, “How do they know 😮.” Additional comments are below:

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