Decapitated Head Of Man Delivered To Family’s Home In Sherlock Crescent

Monday, October 25, 2021, 2:42 PM GMT-5

The family members of a man identified only as “Yannie” from the community of Sherlock Crescent in Duhaney Park, are tightly lipped after the decapitated head of the man was delivered to their apartment complex in a box.

According to the Jamaica Observer, who tried to speak to the family, the reason behind the silence surrounding the incident is because a decapitated head sent to the family of the victim is usually a signal to call them out so they are being careful about the situation.

It is a well-known fact that Spanish Town, St.Catherine is the home to some of Jamaica’s most dangerous gangs which has notoriety in decapitating their victims and sending them to the person’s home or that of their family members.

The assumption that the killing might have taken place in Spanish Town is highly supported by the Police, as the head of the St. Andrew Police Division’s superintendent, Kirk Ricketts, supports the claim but refused to release any other information until the body of the man was found and fully identified.

There have also been talks that “Yannie” was one of the dons in Sherlock Crescent however, one resident stated that “Yannie” was an “Okay” person and they never knew him to be involved in anything.

Another resident said he knew the man as a footballer who had experience playing the sport for a club, while also stating that the situation that took “Yannie’s” life looks like a secret war since no one knows what had happened and the cause behind it.

Since the incident, residents of Sherlock Crescent have expressed their fears from the matter with some of them stating to the Jamaica Observer who they spoke to that they have to be locked up in their houses. In response to the situation, the police have begun to keep meetings with members of the community to provide them with safety assurance.

Persons in the community have also been reported to have videos showing the decapitated head of the man but some members of Sherlock Crescent were so gripped by the tragedy, that they could not bear to see the footage or any image associated with the first time occurrence in the area.

Other residents have expressed their deep feelings towards the tragic turn of events since the decapitated man was someone they knew well, some persons think the killing will lead to things getting worse for the community, leaving a bad stigma with them.

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