Deceased Rapper’s Family Honour His Wish Of Being Displayed At A Nightclub

The family of Rapper Goonew having been receiving much backlash and a lot of criticism for the memorial service they arranged for the artiste, which had his body propped up on a stage in a nightclub.

The family defended their actions by explaining that the service went exactly the way the rapper would’ve wanted it, and it wasn’t anyone else’s business.


His mother Patrice and his sister Ariana Morrow spoke to TMZ and explained that the idea of putting the rapper on display came to their minds after witnessing other people performing the similar service, and upon meeting with the funeral home they made it clear that they did not want anyone looking down at him.

The artiste, born Markelle Morrow, was shot dead on March 18, and his funeral was hosted at Bliss Nightclub in Washington D.C Sunday night where his embalmed body was propped up on stage with a crown on his head. The crown was suggested by the funeral home because the 24-year-old artiste was also known as the “King of Maryland”.

Morrow is described as the life of the party by his relatives as he loved to have fun. This was why they held a memorial service for him where the mourners partied alongside his body instead of having a sombre funeral, which they knew he would not have liked.

Ariana recalled that her brother told his family that he did not want to be buried in a suit and since he did not attend church, then being dressed in a suit in a casket would’ve looked too fake. The rapper was instead dressed in the casual clothes he would always wear.

While they were criticized by many people, the family still received much support from all those who knew the former DMV rapper, who was later driven through his hometown by horse-drawn carriage after the service and then buried at the cemetery.

Additionally, with some persons criticizing his appearance at Bliss Nightclub, the club issued an apology for what happened and claimed they were not aware that his body would’ve been propped up on display.

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