Kingston 11 Not Stopping Funeral “BAWLING” Even After Alleged Duppy Attack

The infamous Dalkeith Wright, otherwise known as ‘Kingston 11’ who does funeral “Bawling Service” in a talk with the Jamaica Star disclosed to them that recently he got his foot sprained by the hands of a “Duppy”, but will not stop his work because of that.

The incident according to Wright took place while he said he was visiting a family funeral in the country, where he was walking and seemed to have stepped in the way of the ghost of the man being buried which caused him to push ‘Kingston 11’ to a fall, causing the spraining of one his legs.

The “Funeral Bawla” however, has decided in himself that he is brushing off the incident and it will not stop him even though it is his very first time experiencing the wrath of a “Duppy”.

As a result of the injury, he got, ‘Kingston 11’ says he has to now be wearing mostly slippers since his foot is too swollen to fit properly in shoes but regardless Wright has expressed that he will still be carrying out his bookings for the remainder of the month and no ghost will be a deterrent to him.

About his services, Wright says its impact is greatly felt at funerals considering that most of the time people are crying in a state of mourning and when he shows up and starts doing his thing it evokes laughter.

For ‘Kingston 11’ though, things do get a bit emotional for him as well as he explained to the news medium that at times he breaks down in real tears when he finds out how the person died.

The “Funeral Bawla” explained in his talks with the Jamaica Star that at this point his prices range from $3000 to $10,000 however, due to the increasing prices of food and other items he is looking to up his rates for the summer.

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