Kingston Town Crier “Bawl and Roll” At Funeral – Video

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 8:22 PM GMT-5

A man who goes by the name of “Kingston Town crier” has been making waves on the internet recently after announcing himself as a person who does a unique type of funeral service. In a time so difficult, the crier has decided that his form of entrepreneurship will be in the form of crying and singing at funerals even when he does not know the persons being buried.

On his Instagram page @King.son11, he has been sighted numerous amounts of time giving the price break down of his services for which includes 3 thousand dollars for singing only, 5 thousand dollars to “sing and bawl”, and 7 thousand dollars to ” sing bawl and roll”.

Many people might have thought that it was a comedic effort on the part of Kingston Town Crier at first however, all of that changed when a video was released online showing the man carrying out the services in the best way possible.

The most recent video was posted on the popular Instagram page, Pinkwall as a highlight and already it has attracted over 150,000 views.

In the footage “Kingston Town Crier” is seen at a grave, “bawling”, while blocking the entrance for the coffin to be lowered into the dirt hole, with him later being lift off by men on the scene. The people who were at the funeral were seen to be laughing their stomachs away at the hilarious man doing something that no one has ever done publicly.

The move by “Kingston Town Crier” has now put a comedic twist on the usually sad funeral setting and instead of shunning the act, many people are embracing it as ingenious and extremely funny.

Check out his recent interview below.

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