Funeral Home Sends Out Strong Vaccination Message

Monday, September 27, 2021, 6:11 AM GMT-5

Many people might have been alarmed to see a truck owned by Wilmore Funeral Home, in North Carolina advertising a message on the side of the vehicle stating “Don’t get vaccinated”.

They would have been even more blown away with either laughter or disbelief upon learning that Wilmore Funeral Home is not a real place but a fake business, used solely for vaccine advertisement by the company BooneOakley.

The advertisement organization even took things a step further by creating a website for the fake funeral home, which houses a message on their homepage stating ” Get vaccinated now. If not see you soon”.

Regardless of the stunt by the Ads company, Calvin Lyn the president of the Jamaica Association of Certified Embalmers, (JACE), thinks the idea is an immaculate sarcastic expression which he supports for its brilliance while also urging people to take the vaccine.

According to Lyn, he and all his staff members have already been vaccinated and his encouragement of others to take the jab is based on the fact that he has already seen family members of persons he is familiar with, become fatal victims of the virus.

Already the Jamaican Government has voiced their struggles in gaining a herd immunity of 65 per cent of the nation by March 2022, as only 13 per cent of people have already taken the Jab.

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