Delomar Returns with Damaging info about ReniGad as RDX Breakup Saga Continues – Watch Interview

Friday, July 21, 2023, 6:51 PM GMT-5

Delomar, from the now broken-apart group RDX, went berserk in addressing his once close friend ReniGAD’s claims about him carrying news to his woman, which led to the splitting up of the group.

Delomar explains that he is in no mood to mend fences or take the higher road in the ensuing controversy.

According to the artiste\song writer, he didn’t want to bring all the drama to the media, but he had no choice but to defend his name. During his interview with The Fix, Delomar denied ReniGAD allegations about RDX splitting over a woman.

“Leak the voice note please me a beg yuh leak dah voice note deh, there are two things weh worster than wah him seh zeen and that’s a child molester and a gay fi me inna my book zeen third is a man weh carry man name to gal me hate dem thing deh,” Delomar outlined.

Delomar also revealed that he was the reason ReniGAD met the woman in question, referred to as Miss Ray, from his relationship with one of her cousins. Delomar went berzerk follwing the revelation.

“One a the biggest problem she did have is that she wanted to get pregnant, and dah yah youth yah look like him caa breed a soul, wah yuh never talk bout that breda that was the problem you know seh that was the problem,” Delomar declared.

See the video below:


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