“Dem a Fish” Tony Matterhorn Disses Alkaline again

Tony Matterhorn has woken up to reality and now realizes he will not and will never let what happened in 2017 reach him again.

Flashback to December 16, 2017 when Alkaline walks up on Tony Matterhorn and disrespects him for playing his rival song (Vybz Kartel) at his Birthday party.


Tony Matterhorn appeared a few days ago on a live chat ranting about how he would never turn the other cheek to allow alkaline to ever diss him again because Alkaline is a fish and cannot produce no children.

The outspoken disk jockey went on to outline that he is almost 50 years old and still getting girls pregnant while Alkaline is yet to get one youth.

Based on the statement he was making it seem as if someone was asking him questions and he was responding.

According to Tony Matterhorn, he’s an intelligence badman that is why he never disrespects alkaline when he approaches him back in 2017 “Alkaline cah page me…. me fire mi gun dem enuh”.

Several fans commented suggesting he should stop the ranting and how he’s too grown for that now. One fan commented “from alkaline diss Matterhorn his career has been on decline”. The reaction was all mixed with negative and positive comments.

he concluded by stating that when he was firing shots in his days Alkaline was a baby still running around in diapers “mi a real bloodclaat badboy” he outlined.

Watch the full video below.

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