Demarco and Malie Donn Remind Us of Their Gangster Lifestyle in “Draco” Music Video

November 21, 2023 1:33 PM

Dancehall deejays Demarco and Malie Donn are unafraid, armed, and dangerous; the two conveyed this message to their foes in a new song they released together. The single, titled Draco, marks Malie Donn and Demarco’s first collaboration.

The song already seems to be doing well since the music video entered YouTube’s Trending Music chart for Jamaica within hours of its release. The grimy gangster song highlights how rivals would be slaughtered without mercy, and the dim lighting effects in the music video create a grim atmosphere.


The music video was shot mostly inside a building that had red lighting in some of the rooms. The deejays are mostly seen in different areas of the building and are depicted with firearms.

The song kicked off with Malie Donn in the intro, leading to the chorus, which featured Demarco chanting about being fearless and Malie Donn singing along. Further in the track, Demarco warned his enemies that “Bat ago fly like kite, one select,” and “not even nine night nuh man fi step.”

With aggression, Malie Donn also sought to warn his rivals about what their wrongdoings would lead to. “Rest eh bloodcl**t glock inna yuh head side, gun shot yuh inna drive through, suh nuh get fries. Who nuh hear dem ago feel eh and a every weh mi bring eh,” he deejayed.

Draco was produced by 9miles Records, Attomatic Records , Dan Sky Records.

Watch Demarco and Malie Donn’s Draco music video below:

Since being released on November 2, the music video has debuted on YouTube’s Trending Music chart and is currently at No. 22. Fans have also been reacting to the song positively by praising the deejays in the comments.


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