“Demons” Marion Hall reacts to Spice Reader Man Saga – Video

Alleged Obeah man mentions Lady Saw, Spice and Shenseea’s names in controversial video.

A youtube video has surfaced showing an emotional Minister Marion Hall formerly known as Lady Saw before she was born again as a Christian believer/minister.


In the short video, Marion rebuked the new Dancehall Queen as well as the dancehall kingdom with verses from a bible as well as expressed the reasons why she had left the genre behind.

Minister Hall is demanding that persons stop from telling lies about her, what more in the video below.

Spice’s name is creating much drama and quite a few persons are having a go at her as of late. There is a case regarding her Babby Daddy, another case including her Baby Daddy and DHQ Danger who was fired by Spice after allegations that she was raped by Spice’s child’s father, then we have the most recent scoop regarding her one time advisor “RT Boss” as it concerns Lady Saw, Shen Yeng and Nuffy.

The YouTube video shows the “reader man” who referred to himself as Spice’s one-time advisor, saying that he could never have been working with any other artistes as that would’ve been a conflict of interest as it relates to Spice staying at the top of the game.

The man went on about the fact that he advised Spice not to do any collabs with Shenseea because the aim was to keep her (Spice) at the top for as long as possible, the advisor/reader man also highlighted how Nuffy had done everything for the top female Dancehall entertainer who featured on the popular Love & Hip-Hop reality show but he has gotten no credit from her, it’s his view that Spice is very ungrateful for that reason as well as other ones.

RT Boss mentions Lady Saw and Shen Yeng’s name;


“mi affi tun up eh heat pon Lady Saw mek shi run outa dancehall” – before that he said; “yeah man an I tell Spice fi nuh do nuh collab wid Shenssea, cause it neva mek any sense,” I think it’s safe to say that it’s clear what triggered a Lady Saw response,

The major issue RT Boss seems to have with Spice is (getting the recognition he thinks he deserves) “he said a long time mi a work wid Spice, and mi sacrifice a lot” he also said, “mi mek up stuff bout Shenseea fi mek sure no collab nuh happen”.

After years of working with the Dancehall entertainer, RT Boss feels Spice is a devious and ungrateful person.


Despite all the noise being made about her name and persona, she has barely responded to anything.



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