“Dentist” Diagnoses Cardi B’s Tongue, Says “thick coat” and “yellow hue” is From Health Issues

A woman claiming to be a dentist gave a detailed diagnosis of American Rapper Cardi B’s tongue, making reference to it having a “thick coat” and “yellow hue” resulting from health issues.


According to the woman in a viral video, the physical condition of Cardi B’s tongue shows high levels of stress. She also claims that it looks dry, which may be from a condition called damp heat. This can be caused by a host of possibilities such as excessive consumption of greasy foods.

“This tongue shows alot of stress in addition this tongue shows a very thick tongue coat with like a yellow hue to it,” she said in her diagnosis.

She further pinpointed that Cardi B’s tongue shows symptoms aligned to that of body odour issues or frequent urinary tract infections (UTI). “And sometimes this could also manifest in certain symptoms such as BO issue or frequent UTI,” she said.

Watch the diagnosis below:


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