Cardi B Shows That She’s a Big Fan of Serani’s “No Games” in This Footage – Watch Video

Saturday, September 16, 2023, 12:04 PM GMT-5

Cardi B is well known to be a lover of reggae and dancehall, which is why some Jamaicans fail to believe that she has never heard of dancehall artiste Lincoln 3Dot or his 2021 song, Bang. While Lincoln might not be one of the mainstream artistes in Jamaica, his music has received much praise and, from time to time, rocks events.

That said, Cardi received much criticism for the allegations that she sampled the rhythm of Bang to create her newest single with Megan Thee Stallion, Bongos.


The backlash does not seem to be ending any time soon, as social media users were quick to highlight the American rapper’s knowledge of Jamaican music when a new video surfaced showing her singing Serani’s No Games.

The Bodak Yellow artiste was spotted in a club singing and filming the deejay who was performing on stage. Beaming with as much happiness as the audience, Cardi sang the track word for word just below the stage while keeping her camera on the performer.

Watch the video of Cardi B below:

In reaction to the video that was shared on Instagram, one social media user said, “She a try find something else to copy.”


Another viewer expressed, “I’m Jamaican listen Jamaican music n never hear bang yet… ppl are so delusional when they live in a bubble…. Anyways love cardi cause she never trouble not a soul. Always jus do she n a dat then hate.”

A third comment read, “Hey shi a sing out enuh. Shi live our culture too much fi nuh know or hear bout bang. Anyways, happy satdh peeps.”

See more comments below:


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