Cardi B Twerks on Offset in Bathroom and Sings ‘Drift’ – Watch Video

Mobay dancehall artiste Teejay took to social media on Wednesday to share a video clip of USA rapper Cardi B and Offset bumping and grinding to his hit song Drift.

Teejay posted the video and wrote, “New challenge unlock.” Many fans shared their opinion on the video in the comment section, notably, one person said, “She soon take dat song deh too lol ☠️ 🏴‍☠️,” referring to the opinion of many that Cardi B’s latest song Bongos sounds very much alike Lincoln 3dot’s Bang song and his style was stolen.



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“A bet a f**k up in yah.. whoo drift!” sings Cardi B as she recorded herself twerking on offset who grabbed her butt and danced in a raunchy manner with her. During the encounter, a female walked into the bathroom and laughed after seeing what Cardi B and her husband were up to.

Check out the viral video below:


This is not the first time a video has gone viral of Cardi B whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus danicing to the Drift song, in July, at her daughter’s birthday party, a video was created of Cardi B performing the Drift dance routine.


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