Denyque Calls Popcaan “Male Stripper” in Preview of New Diss Track – Watch Video

Friday, September 8, 2023, 2:41 PM GMT-5

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga between dancehall artistes Denyque and Popcaan has unfolded with the fearless female singer previewing a diss track aimed squarely at her male counterpart. In a video that sent shockwaves through the music industry and social media, Denyque wore a brown t-shirt paired with black tights and sneakers, exuding an air of confidence as she delved into her lyrical retaliation.

The track opens with a pointed jab as Denyque lyrically proclaims, “A nuh the first time yuh name call pon it, every girl seh u love eat the watermelon.”


She didn’t hold back, asserting that Popcaan’s vexation was due to her shedding light on the undisclosed aspects of his life. She further stated that Popcaan’s penchant for eating “fruits” may have caused him to gain a few pounds. To drive her point home, the singer referenced the shirt she was wearing, featuring an image of Popcaan enjoying a slice of watermelon – which sparked the initial feud.

Denyque x Popcaan

In a clever twist of words, Denyque humorously retorts to Popcaan’s comments that she should “s*ck her mada”, turning the tables on him by insinuating that it is all the red in the “fat melon” he is sucking out. She didn’t stop there, labelling Popcaan a male stripper for his suggestive actions in the studio on a chair she claims is often occupied by male engineers.

Denyque’s lyrical assault takes a more personal turn as she questions Popcaan’s selective focus and demands to know why he hasn’t addressed his alleged ex-girlfriend, who allegedly exposed him. Her lyrics pull no punches, suggesting Popcaan’s preferences extend beyond the conventional.

As Denyque concludes her verse, she leaves an unforgettable mark with the lines, “Mi rose nuh bad like yuh tongue, miss weh she name son.”

Throughout the song, she skillfully employs some of Popcaan’s favourite adlibs, including “chubble,” ‘yiy,” and “woii yoii,” making it clear that she’s responding to his taunts.

See the video below:


The video of Denyque’s diss track posted on her Instagram page sparked a swirl of reactions from fans and viewers. As is often the case with such contentious moments, there were divided opinions. Some criticised her for resorting to a diss track, claiming it was a desperate attempt to regain relevance. Others questioned her decision to provoke Popcaan, seemingly oblivious to the repercussions. Some even criticised the quality of the song itself, saying it didn’t sound good.

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On the flip side, staunch supporters rallied behind Denyque, hailing the diss track as “bad” in the best way possible. They questioned why Popcaan’s actions had gone unchecked while finding humour in Denyque’s witty lyrics, even sharing their favourite lines and catchphrases.

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