LA Lewis Asks Popcaan Why he is Mad at Denyque When he is Friends with Drake

People have been weighing in on the Denyque and Popcaan situation with mixed reactions. While some say Denyque was wrong for putting Popcaan’s face on a T-shirt that hinted at oral sex, some say Popcaan was in the wrong when he aggressively went as far as to tell Denyque about her mother in reaction to the shirt.

One of the commentators now happens to be social media personality LA Lewis, who also indicated that Popcaan overreacted considering his close affiliation with a certain rapper who endorses oral sex.


Despite Popcaan’s firm stance against taboo sexual acts in Jamaica, shunning local entertainers who indulge in them, he is always called out for being close friends with international artistes, such as Drake, who endorse such taboo acts.

Popcaan and Drake in 2022

Joining the discussion with comical words, LA Lewis pointed this out as he reposted the video of Denyque wearing the T-shirt. In the caption of the Instagram post that was made some hours ago, he jeered the dancehall deejay for being ridiculed and asked, “But pappi y vex wen u bess fren drek seh d sqware rute a 69 is 8 sum and d 2 a unuh sheer same splif n sowda bottle?”

LA Lewis subsequently told the 876GUD artiste that he did not need to pretend anymore. “Pappi wi knos u eat d fruit suh stap hides dats y toni seh she hafi run run run caz u a eat har dung dung dung. 777777777,” the caption concluded.


Watch the video of Denyque below:

The self-proclaimed emperor of the Maroons had his fans taking to the comments with laughter as some shared his perspective.

See comments below:


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