Homeless Man Tells LA Lewis About His Mother after Refusing to Take Money on Camera – Watch Video

Thursday, August 17, 2023, 11:14 AM GMT-5

LA Lewis is once again making rounds online after he’s seen trying to give a homeless man money on camera. The endeavour did not go as planned and LA Lewis was told about his mother by the presumed mentally challenged man.

The video, seemingly taken from his live chat began with LA Lewis asking the estranged man whether or not he ate “any food from mawning”.

The man made his way up to LA Lewis’ vehicle window initially with his hand out, however, after Lewis mentioned that he was having trouble holding the camera and the money, the homeless man outlined that he was not about to take any money on camera.

After Lewis insists that the man take the money and go buy some food, he reacted in anger, telling LA Lewis, “nah tek no money pan nuh camera guh suck out unuh mother.”

LA Lewis quickly drove off and started blaming PM Holness for the bad state of the country.

Watch below:


The footage that was posted to Instagram by @romario_granville got many reactions, one person who agreed with the mentally ill person stated, “Mi hate it ! If yah give somebody something just give dem man ! And stop video kmt,” another who agreed outlined that, “Everything unu blct video, a dat u fi get.”

See more reactions below:


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