Deportee Would Prefer Being in US Prison than to be free in Jamaica

Miguel Williams, a deportee who was sent to Jamaica 11-years ago is now living in the Shoemaker Gully where homosexuals who allegedly rob persons sometimes, live. He was recently interviewed, and he spoke about his life in the US. He remembers his plans to become a journalist and how he pursued a course in Psychology and Economics.

However, he was taking drugs and selling drugs as well and got caught when he tried to leave New York to deliver drugs in Connecticut. He didn’t know that there was a person in the car who was planning to inform the police about the drug deal.

He had no way of escaping the charges that were made against him and he accepted a plea deal and spent 4 years behind bars before he was sent back to Jamaica.

Even though he has been living in Jamaica for the for the past 11 years since he returned, he still has no home. His relatives have been giving him money and he lives with his female partner who has been going through tough times just like him.

They use card board and boards to make their bed and they have lived in the gully for 1 year because it is the best place they have found after they visited 7 other parishes on the island.

He has tried to stop taking drugs by going to rehab and he has not been able to kick the habit. He now wants to tell persons that drugs will destroy their lives, and they should stay away from it.

Living in Jamaica has been very hard for this Jamaican as he was only 2-years-old when he left the island and now he doesn’t know anything about the money or the places he visits. He still uses the money he gets to buy drugs in New Kingston and hopes that he will be able to stay away from drugs one day.

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