Devin Di Dakta Back In The Spotlight

Devin Di Dakta is now saying he was dumb to the world of music even though he is talented, he realised that he needed to study the business behind the music. He says just being a Jamaican is great, the Jamaican brand is strong.

He is experiencing an awakening, he has listened to radio and realized that too much foreign music is being played on Jamaican radio. There is not enough exposure for talented youth because of this.

His song “Internet” is doing well, in it he lashes out against the effect of social conduct on our world.

After his Grammy nomination, he was quiet for a long time, but he met with top officials in the music business.

Learning about the music industry is important he said, he doesn’t want to just be on shows and buy a house and cars when there is so much more an entertainer can do.

He has seen too many entertainers end up with next to nothing when they get old and he doesn’t want that to happen to him.

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