Devin Di Dakta Calls for an End to Selective Empathy Over Usain Bolt’s Swindled Fortune – See Post and Watch Video

The news of the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) investment fraud sent the company into a tailspin of criticism, with the majority of the Jamaican public bashing the suspected culprit for the theft of sprint legend Usain Bolt’s hefty investment.

However, dancehall artiste Devin the Dakta has spoken out against selective empathy and called for equal consideration of the other investors.


Following reports that an SSL employee defrauded dozens of customers allegedly of over $1 billion, the implosion of the company has been swift, with the Financial Services Commission (FSC) assuming temporary management of the brokerage firm.

Though it has been reported that at least 30 customers were victims of the swindling scheme, a number of individuals, including dancehall artiste Cham, have called for action to be taken and the restoration of Bolt’s stolen investment.

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Those calling for justice for Bolt have cited the sprint champion’s many achievements and contributions to the country. Devin also acknowledged Bolt’s achievements, calling him a hero, but said that none of the victims was any more important than the other and that they all deserved to get back what they had invested.

“Nuhbody nuh more special. So let’s not forget about the nameless investors. They’re all heroes investing in our country,” Devin wrote in a tweet on Monday, later sharing the message on his Instagram page.

The entertainer went on to call for an end to the selective empathy shown to the wealthy and famous in a video shared on his Instagram stories. Devin said he was guilty of showing selective empathy but stated that it was a thing best left in the past.

View the post and watch the video below:

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