Dewey Leaves Queenie Because Of His Baby Mother And His Mother

Queenie, who has always been a very open and outspoken person, is dishing all of her marital problems online for everyone to know that her husband turned his back on her and their marriage due to alleged blackmail that his baby mother and his mother orchestrated against him.

Queenie, telling her husband and his family to kiss his ass, went Live to reveal that her marriage was falling apart which, she pointed out, was much to the delight of the haters who have been targeting her relationship with her husband Dewey since their wedding day, and especially after their one year anniversary spent in Jamaica.


The social media sensation announced that she would not be keeping quiet about the situation nor would she be crying over her husband who had proven to be less than a man when he left her side because of blackmail after his baby mother instructed him to either leave his wife or he would never see his child again.

“Now my husband ago tell me seh fi him baby mada tell him seh di only way him can see him son weh live America is if him break up with me and him mada agree wid it, di three a unnuh wah lock up inna one barrel and roll go down di bloodclaat gully,” she said in a very upset manner.

She went on to explain that her husband, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett, left the house with a bag. After telling her he would be back soon at 8:00 in the morning, there was still no word from him up to 2:00.

Queenie, whose name is Janese Espeut, added that she did not regret her marriage nor did she regret all the things she did for her husband and she knew “nothing nu last long”. She called out Dewey’s baby mother for not caring for him during the 7 years of relationship they had.

Queenie mentioned her deceased daughter who passed away some months ago and said she was still in mourning of her child but she was standing strong, so she would not be broken by what is happening now.

During the Livestream, she also mentioned that her mother-in-law, who bought a ticket for him to return to Jamaica, had an issue with her making Dewey wash dishes, but noted that was not the main problem.

Wishing them well, she told her husband, “gwan to yuh family dem,” and added that she would not keep anything a secret. She stated that she would not be the reason why he is kept away from his son so he was free to go because she was not going to be giving him a child.

Queenie continued to speak her mind angrily cursing her husband noting that the only reason why he wanted to come off of the internet a few days ago was to “impress” his baby mother who has a major problem with it.

Queenie argued that if Dewy wanted to divorce her to please his baby mother Trisha, he could go right ahead, but she stated that the ring would forever be hers because it is something she “cherish”.

She argued that she was not going to feel shamed or less than a woman because she was loyal in her marriage and cherished her husband. She added that his mother was bitterly breaking apart their relationship because she herself is divorced and unhappy.

Queenie even stated that she was a rebound for his baby mother because he apparently still have feelings for her as he would be meeting her in Jamaica when he returned. She claimed that Trisha, who she said was sleeping with many men in America and Jamaica, was only going to get back with him for a short while before she treated him bad again,

During the Livestream, a comment apparently suggested that RT Boss worked voodoo on Queenie’s marriage, to which Queenie shut down immediately saying “Fuck RT Boss,” and added that he could not harm her.

Watch the video of the livestream and the videos posted to her Instagram page below.

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