Dexta Daps Catfished By Transgender Female?!

Earlier this year, Dexta Daps performed live at a concert on Saint Croix (an island located in the Caribbean) for his ‘Vent x Owna‘ tour. This tour which started in 2021 has seen where the Jamaican singjay have travelled across various countries and cities, creating unforgettable experiences at locations such as Guyana, Texas (Dallas), Washington, New York (Brooklyn), and Atlanta among others.

See the video clip below of Dexta’s performance in St. Croix:


Meanwhile, a picture recently surfaced with an unknown fan whose body is seen braced against Dexta’s with the Venta x Owna slogan highlighted in the background while they pose for a photo together. Shockingly, however, a video showing this same fan’s timeline transition from the proud journey of being a young boy to now a mature female has ignited controversial talks in the media.

The video which was posted on Naggy_Tv_Ja’s Twitter page, raised the question on whether Dexta knows of the video’s existence or if the fan is a transgender female. Furthermore, in a post that was shared to an Instagram reel by the username, hesthatbitch, it showed the fan and Dexta getting physical for the camera, with a tagged location of Brooklyn, New York. The page has since been deleted.

The caption on the post stated, “one a mi real bad gyal dem pop up and link mi/brought it to the owner”, which is a line to Dexta’s song Owner. Soon after, a fan uploaded the post to YouTube and commented, “Bbc dexta does always a wine up pon man sware kmt” while another responded to the video with more of a question saying, “You people aren’t you tired to try f#ck up dexter now kmt.”

See the photo in mention below:

Vent x Owna

See the transition video below;

A similar rumour regarding the same concert tour (Venta x Owna) was addressed in June of this year when tongues began to wag about Dexta’s onstage dance partner also being transgender. The matter was soon put to rest when the woman (Kakes Albury) came forward to dispel the rumour, which was later screenshotted and posted on Dexta’s Instagram.

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