Dexta Daps Warned By Men To Leave Their Guyanese Women Alone Ahead Of His Live Performance

Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps is considered to be a “ladies man” and has even been called a sex symbol when it comes to his overly seductive music and erotic performances on stage. This recognition by the artiste has not gone unnoticed as scores of men have recently been making videos pleading and warning the entertainer not to come to Guyana and mess with their Guyanese women.

The entertainer is scheduled to perform live at Guyana National Stadium on April 16, 2022, for his upcoming “Vent x Owna Tour”.


In the video circulating, one of the men stated that “Dexta Daps is a f**cking cross, causing corruption in the place”. He also lamented that the artiste does not use his real voice when he goes on stage but instead uses autotune.

Another man compared the artiste’s behaviour on stage to the iconic Reggae singer Bob Marley, where he could be heard furiously asking Dexta why he has to behave so vulgar and be whining on their “gal”. He then warned the artiste against “jooking” and “stabbing” their women on stage and then sending them back home to their men.

Despite the many warnings by the men about their Guyanese women, the ladies are gearing up for the usual intense, memorable, dry humping experience with Dexta Daps for his upcoming live performance. One female, in particular, commented “Ooh skunt baby u make my heart jump fast like my pu**y 😌😌 long now I waiting on you”.

The last time that Dexta Daps performed in Guyana was in 2019 and news had circulated at that time that a female fan had broken into his hotel room. Rumours were that this Guyanese female was in a sexual relationship with the artiste and also claimed to have gotten raped by him. To date, this claim has not been confirmed.

Watch the video with the men warning Dexta Daps to stay away from their Guyanese women below:

Dexta Daps warned to leave Guyanese women alone

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