Dexta Daps New Single And Music Video “Rough Day Rough Night”

Dexta Daps recently released another seductive hit single and its official music video called “Rough Day Rough Night”, produced by Dretegs Music Jam.

One thing for sure is that Dexta Daps is for the ladies and he never fails to disappoint. The “Rough Day Rough Night” song is just how the name suggests; Dexta promises a “rough” night for the females in bed after having a rough day at work.

The quality of the music video and song is indeed impeccable. It has amazing visuals, well-executed Rated-R scenes and not to mention, the sexual, smooth transitioning of lyrics that flow effortlessly from the “Sex Icon” Dexta Daps himself.

In the song, a brown-skinned, blue-eyed goddess catches Dexta’s attention after entering a conference room filled with beautiful ladies. Like a predator watching its prey, Dexta makes his move… the song then starts with the words “Cock it up, face down”.

Dexta can be heard singing to the female, “I had a rough day, so you’re gonna have a rough night, saddle on for a rough ride”. These words need no further explanation, as listeners are sure to understand the epic bedroom action that is about to take place. Dexta also makes mention of his stamina, highlighting his sexual prowess in the bedroom “She say why yah fu*k me six hours straight” in one of the verses.

The highly seductive entertainer has always ensured that his music is bedroom-certified while catering for the ladies. Dexta Daps new single “Rough Day Rough Night” has set the trend for sexual and seductive music in Dancehall for 2022.

Check out Dexta Daps new single and official music video below:

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