Jafrass Warns Popcaan Not To “Provoke” Him In New Song

Sunday, February 13, 2022, 6:53 PM GMT-5

The “1 Word” boss Jafrass is not holding back what is on his mind as he has a message that was made for Popcaan, and there is no doubt that the entertainer successfully transmitted the information to the “Unruly Boss” without even having to say a word directly to him.

This was done in his new track entitled “Provoke” which the deejay released this Sunday. The track in itself is a very provocative one since he speaks directly to his nemesis without even calling the person’s name, but the world knows who he is talking about due to the references made in the song as well as the fact that a few days ago he accused “Poppi” of sending some men to try and “page him”, which seemingly pushed him to call the “Levels” artiste a “Battyman”.


In the introduction of the song, Jafrass outlines to his fans that the only thing worse than an enemy is a friend plotting secretly, telling you what is good and not meaning one word of it.

After making that bold statement, the deejay then jumped right into the chorus where he made his enemy know that it is not hard to kill him, but that is something that Jafrass says he does not want to do but he should not be tested. As such the entertainer goes on to make it clear that he is not in any argument or talking with his adversary and is warning them to see “trouble” and leave it alone.

In an obvious effort at subliminally telling listeners who he is talking about in the song, the deejay used a similar line from one of Popcaan’s tracks, that starts with the word “family”, only to see him flipping the script and expressing that he did not know that Cane, was his enemy’s idol, suggesting the harm that the individual is capable of doing to their brother.

With that being said, Jafrass is well on his guard and says in the first verse of the song that anything is anything at this point and to him, it is an eye for an eye.


In terms of song construction, the song should be respected for its structure because, after both verses of the track, the deejay has a bridge that is very unique to dancehall songs. Regardless of the extra creativity though, the former “Unruly Camp” artiste is in no way concerned about that part, but more about making his name as a boss which he used the added song section to highlight, along with referring to the fact that if who he has as his enemy provokes him, it will be a sliced throat their getting from his ratchet.

For the second verse of the song, Jafrass goes even further with his shots making it clear that he never switched and that he only chose his own direction due to the person he is referring to in the song wanting to be the only one to be “rich”.

Not only that, the “1 Word” boss, also noted that the person he is talking about has been falling out with people too often because of his ways which Jafrass said has even led them to try to Obeah him, and even send men to try reprimanding him but, he still has his powers up.

The song coupled with its visualizer currently has over 20k views on YouTube and based on the level of controversy being dealt with in it, the views certainly will only be going up from here on.

Watch the official music video for Jafrass “Provoke” below.

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