Dexta Daps Still Mourns The Passing Of Shabba Madda

Dexta Daps is mourning the passing of “Mama Christie”, who is the biological mother of a veteran entertainer “Shabba Ranks”, and a community mother as described by the artiste.

The famous “Mama Christie” was featured in the official music video for the artiste’s song entitled “Shabba Madda Pot”, where she was the one dishing out soup, a commodity, the mourning entertainer said he would sneak out to get even when his mother told him not to take things from people.


Dexta Daps expressed fully how he felt in an Instagram memorial post, which he used to highlight the kind and caring qualities that “Mama Christie” had.

According to Daps, the mother of Shabba Ranks was where his first set of inspirations came from and he could recall as a child how he never had any toys until “Mama Christie” gave him a drawback car.

The “Flight mode” artiste said that “Mama C” was so compassionate that she did not have to know the parents of a child to take care of them.

The entertainer also said that the elderly woman was a full-blown Christian, who would always call him over to her house for prayers and encouragement.

“Mama Christie” passed away at the age of 81 and is missed by many entertainers, especially those she mothered like her children.

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